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It happens when the clocks turn ahead. When the days get a little warmer & longer. When what was once dead starts to wake up. I can’t help but think that spring shows us a little bit of what God can do with us. Sometimes we don’t even have the hope for ourselves of a […]

What 2018 Taught Me

When you look back on a period of time, do you ever feel as though you learned more within 2 months than an entire year? Growth seems to come like that. Healing seems to come like that too. You wait for so long, then it hits you, and then you come out of that season […]


I know what it is like to feel uprooted. Suddenly you’re caught off guard and you’re not sure where you’re headed. Confusion. Hurt. Bitterness. They are heavy feelings that can envelope you completely. Because of all of the things you had planned, this wasn’t one of them. You weren’t expecting to say goodbye–without actually getting […]

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