a reward beyond compare

forsake all else.

renounce all that he has.

those words hit hard.

“so therefore, anyone of you who does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple” // luke 14:33


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He says renounce all that this world promises will make you happy. He says renounce the lust and the lies that you’ve been living on. He says renounce your pursuit of money, or popularity, or outward beauty. He says renounce your possessions–hold them so loosely. He says renounce the opinions of family members and friends and co-workers. He says “live for Me alone.” No other opinions: an audience of One.

I think we’ve made Christianity easy. we’ve diluted the imperatives of discipleship. we don’t want to renounce all else because our flesh still wants the world and we’ve adjusted our theology to fit our lifestyle.

and as Christians, we want to talk about how Jesus is so good, how He’s all we need, and how He is our King, and oh what glorious truths! but then why is the church in America so consumed with careers and money and personal achievement and outward appearance and new programs and bringing more people in–instead of the one thing we should be consumed with: Jesus.

you see forsaking all else for Jesus is not an option of discipleship–it’s the point. as disciples we do not live for a cause or for principles, we live for a person. our servanthood should be fueled by deep, deep love for our Savior.

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and when we love Jesus more, we begin to see how empty and pointless the pursuits of the world really are.

when we love Jesus more, our hearts fill with love and compassion for those around us instead of judgement and envy.

when we love Jesus more, we go to bed praying and walk up singing “take the world, but give me Jesus.” we want Him more than we want to be known or admired or respected by the world.

but only through his Holy Spirit can we have that kind of love. it cannot be done on our own.

Oswald Chambers said it perfectly: “Whenever the Holy Spirit sees an opportunity to glorify jesus through you, He will take your entire being over and set you ablaze with growing devotion to Christ”

discipleship is not just following…it’s falling. falling in love with the Breather of the stars and Creator of your soul. we have to hate all else in comparison to our love for Him. we have to count it all as loss for the reward and joy and glorious privilege of knowing Christ Jesus as our Lord.


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I’ve been thinking lately about how what we treasure reveals our hearts, and how far I have to come in this area. when I treasure man’s approval instead of God’s, when I pursue the trifles of the world, I’m denying with my actions what I say with my words, that Jesus is all I need.

So let Him truly be all we need. as disciples let us not hesitate to pick up our crosses, and renounce all else, to pursue more of Him and His glorious beauty.

the reward is beyond compare.

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