why there is beauty in feeling forgotten

you know it.

it’s a distinct feeling that rests in your soul and has you on your knees desperate.

no one seems to help. friends seem distant. you’re reaching out your hand but don’t quite feel there is another hand to hold.


you feel alone.


you wear a smile but it’s a cover.

isn’t that how all hurting hearts want to be–covered?

everyone seems to be doing something more exciting than you. so you turn it off and try to tune out the fact that everyone’s life seems perfect but yours.

and you think “if I just had one person who really gets me, I’d be happy.”

we want one person who actually wants to spend time with us and cares. we want one person who we “click” with and can spend all our free time with. 

when Jesus just says “I am that ‘One’ person.”

we want to fill the feelings of loneliness and pointlessness with applause from men and likes and comments and phonically and texts and people wanting us.

when Jesus says “these lonely moments are to point you to My Face.” 

we want answers,

when Jesus says “I am the Greatest Answer to the biggest problem you could think of.” 

we want to have our lives perfectly planned out and safe,

when Jesus says, “security is an illusion. life is messy. trust Me.”

there is beauty in feeling forgotten, lost, and alone. I don’t believe those feelings are accidental, your King, your Creator-He placed those inside each of us. I believe they are feelings that have their place. They point us to Him.

but we cannot let those feelings reign king in our hearts. you will feel forgotten by the world. you will feel alone. the world is a big place and we are small. but never forget this:

you are brave.

you are beautiful.

you have a purpose.

you are never too much.

you are worthy of love.

you are worth more than the stars in the galaxy.

you are made in the image of The King of Kings & Lord of Lords.

I know you don’t feel it. you feel like you’re drowning in your loneliness and your own problems. but whisper it to your heart:

I have a purpose.

you don’t have to cover it all up with a smile because you want to hide-you can smile because even in what you’re feeling, Your God will come through.

and in the pain He is making your heart more like His. so hold on & trust Him. He is the greatest friend you could have.


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