a few words if you feel like you can’t make the cut

When it’s just you and Him and you can hear the sound of the rain slowly falling on the roof. When the house is empty and it’s early in the morning and there’s nothing on your mind but Him-

yeah, that’s just a taste of His presence, counted as nothing by this world but the greatest deliverance from a world that’s tugging on your heart.


It pulls you apart, I know.

Echos of lies telling you that you can’t make the cut, rating you an 8/10 and letting you know you’re not really getting anywhere. You want to throw in the towel and you’re tired. You’re worn down because no matter how hard you try to control your life how you want it, you always seem to be walking a different path than the one you told God you wanted. It’s funny how nothing is ever quite like we expected.

And you fear that if you stop-you’ll fall more behind than you already are. I don’t know where you are and who you are but what I’m about to say is on my heart for you today, so I have to write it.

This little jumble of words I’m writing to you now, it’s an invitation to be still. To put the lies on airplane mode and allow the truth of your King to rain down over the whispers of your soul’s enemy.

Come out of the world’s sun and heat for a minute and let the breeze of his grace blow your hair in the wind.

He declares beauty over your heart today. Not this kind of fleeting beauty that the world puts up on a pedestal and bows down to, but a deep, abiding beauty that comes when His joy runs through your veins.

He declares purpose over your heart today. Not a purpose of giving you everything you want but a stunning story of Him giving you everything He wants for you.

He declares love over your heart today. Nothing you do could make Him love you more and nothing you don’t do could make Him love you less. You haven’t slipped His mind, and you haven’t let Him down, because He’s looking at what His Son has done, not what you did.

He declares an identity over your heart today. This identity is flawlessly enough to fill you with the strength you need. It reaches to the core of who you are and says, “no matter what mistakes you may make, I still love you.” 

It’s a deep identity, it’s a raw kind of love. The strengthening kind of love because it lifts you up to soar. It enables you to do hard things. It labels you strong in weakness and enough when you feel insufficient.

Nothing can shake the identity that you have through Him. It is flawlessly enough for you and calls you beloved. He would have you believe this. I know He would.

& if you would have Him, He’d have you surrender. He’d have you give over every part of your heart. The beauty of His presence would invade and the things that hurt you once would fall away. You’d start to see every rejection as a blessing, every “no” as His protection, every disappointment as a deliverance, and every day as a new chance to give it all back to Him.

Hear it yet? The rain falling or the breeze brushing through the trees. If you listen closely enough your heart will hear the refrain,

I can stop trying to be loved and live from the abundant truth that I am loved.

I can stop trying to be enough and live from the reality that I am enough.

& I can stop hiking up a mountain of expectations that just keeps climbing and climbing,

I can come sit at His feet and just be, because He loves me for who I am,

and nothing will ever change that.

& you-yes you-

you make the cut.


12 thoughts on “a few words if you feel like you can’t make the cut

  1. Aida

    So, I follow you guys on Instagram but had never read any of your blogs and this one… Wow this one… I read and as I read it I heard it in spoken word and every word I could relate to. Finding myself in the middle of it almost drowning in my tears because it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Thank you! And PLEASE keep writing.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Bonnie

    Aaaaah, I came here from another blog and I know it was a divine appointment. Thank you for obeying the prompting of our loving King and sharing it today. It spoke to my heart and I know to others’ hearts too! 🙂 Blessings, sister.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hannah Pettefer

    I almost started crying.

    For this post spoke truth, God’s truth. Today has been a crazy day where I made mistakes that ended up for Christ’s glory, but I felt so thin. Your words invited my heart to be still a moment, and I thank you so much for that.

    What you said about our identity in Christ is so powerful (because Christ is powerful). I could not agree more and encourage you to continue to use these words of yours for the glory of God!

    Glad to meet you and your lovely blog, Hannah


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Bre

    You’re words and blog is amazing!! I follow you on Intsgram! You are truly an inspiration!! And thank you so much for standing out and being a light and amazing role models to me and others!! Thank you, love!❤️


  5. agirlsavedbygodsgrace

    Wow … I know I’m late to this post, but this was just what I needed today. A lot of days I’m feeling like I’m “not enough” or that I make too many mistakes. Thank you for this encouragement 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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