your King has the final say

Our lives are lived right out of what we believe.

We could try and separate what our heart believes and what our hands do, or what we speak, but they’re all intertwined in a beautifully raw and almost awful way.

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I think that’s why I’ve been fascinated with the whole theme of identity for so long. I’ve found myself writing so many journal entries and penning so many truths on my heart these past few years of my life. Sometimes though, no matter how often you tell yourself the truth, you still find yourself being caught up in the lies.

Maybe it’s the culture around us that is always pushing us to be more or to try harder, or maybe it’s that we’ve allowed ourselves to become so preoccupied with who we think we should be, that we’ve forgotten to be who we are.

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I love the fact that the King of all the earth has the final say in who we are. Because at the end of the day, I know I’m not the only one who has had so many billions of different thoughts questioning who I am and why I am here. It’s a constant, non-stop war and sometimes I just need space to breathe. But when I lay in bed at night, my favorite thing to do is to fall asleep talking to the One who gives me my identity. He sings it over me in His voice of mercy and grace and reminds me once again that I am His, and that I am loved, and that because of His perfection, I am enough.

You see, unless we come to the One who made us, we can’t really determine who we are and what we were made for. But when we come to the feet of the One who has put the heartbeat inside of us and the smile on our face-we really learn what we were made for.

Freedom comes the moment you decide that the One who made you has the final say in what He made you for. This isn’t a against-your-will kind of purpose, it’s a purpose He gives that causes your heart to come alive. I believe in purpose. I believe you aren’t here on accident, and that you’re beautiful heart isn’t an accident. I believe the only way you can truly chase your King and unspeakable joy is to be caught up in His purpose and will for your life.

This means letting the opinions of people who don’t even know you fall away. This means dancing to the rhythm of His love on the hard days when the world wants you to sit still and throw yourself a pity-party. It means you open His love letter to you and you read it. It means you believe. You believe that what He says of you is beautifully enough and there is nothing greater to live for.

Identity is about what you believe. He says you have a unique purpose. He says He has incredible things prepared for you to do, if you would chase Him and let your heart come alive to the fact that He has chosen you to accomplish His purposes through. We all have a specific place in the Kingdom of God, and until we grasp a hold of the fact that this purpose looks different in each of our lives, we will never find the freedom to be different.

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You don’t need to follow the culture, conform to their lies, or let their opinions dictate how you live your life. When you get alone with God, those opinions start to fall away and you can let yourself breathe. You can let your hair down and dance and be free. You don’t care who sees anymore and you don’t care what they say about you.

Our calling as chosen daughters and beloved children of God is to live out the fullness of the Gospel. To chase down who HE has declared us to be and to let that truth and reality permeate to the depths of who we are. Quit believing the lie that someone else does it better and start believing He has equipped you to be the woman He has called you to be.

Yes, it may be different that what everyone else is doing, but no, it won’t be boring. Because claiming your identity as you run after Him is the most rewarding adventure you’ll ever be given the privelege to participate in.

Quit doubting you’re incredible. Start believing that He is. He will do mighty things through the quirks that set you apart as different. He will set lives straight through your crooked smile. Our God is able. You are here on purpose. & that is a liberating identity.

6 thoughts on “your King has the final say

  1. Lucy-Claire

    Im joining Lauren Parham and doing the same, this spoke to me in just the way I needed it to. It’s so important to remember that ‘different’ don’t not equate to better, it just means ‘different’ and we’ve been called to serve is ways that God knows are perfect for us. A good reminder! Thank you! Xx

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