June Detox Bootcamp

I’ve had so many of you ask about what the detox/bootcamp entails, so I thought I would share about what it entails and how you can join my team for June! I am SO passionate about these products because I’ve seen the difference they have made in my own life. It’s truly a lifestyle change, and I am so grateful my friend Arika introduced me to them.

What is the Bootcamp?

It’s a 30 day detox that resets your body and transforms what you crave. You replace processed foods with foods that fuel your body. It’s not just to lose weight. Here are some signs that you need to detox:

BLOATING. Exhaustion. LOW ENERGY LEVELS. Brain fog. EXTRA WEIGHT. Sugar cravings. DEPRESSION. Mood swings. INDIGESTION. Difficulty concentrating. SLUGGISHNESS.

Those are just a few.

What it includes

-60 protein meal replacements (chocolate or vanilla)-I struggled for a while finding a protein that actually filled me up and gave me the energy I needed. The plan comes with a ton of smoothie recipes to use as your breakfast and/or lunch replacements.

-60 fizz sticks-the BEST energy drinks with vitamins including B12, helps boost metabolism + curb hunger. SO great if you’re a coffee addict and need a replacement. These are so good mixed with an iced green tea or iced detox tea.

-30 digestion plus packets

-30 servings of fiber

-1 skincare/health product of your choice

-2 boxes of detox tea-Yummy on its own or iced and mixed with a fizz stick. Drink in the morning/evening.

-Private FB group accountability

-Meal Plan

-Shopping List

-Personal Coaching 

get signed up

Just shoot me an email for pricing information, if you have any more questions, or want to join in on the next group!