far too easily pleased

“Our Lord finds our desires not too strong, but too weak…we are far too easily pleased“ -C.S. Lewis chasing glory. running down happiness. seeking pleasure. yearning to delight. we’re human and we’re broken and we’re trying to find something. you’d be a fool if you wouldn’t admit that it’s in you. this yearning, this seeking forContinue reading “far too easily pleased”

on “s e l f – e s t e e m”

from the song lyrics to the t-shirts, from books to billboards, this world is successful in captivating and controlling and conforming so. many. minds. the world out there-which perhaps you’ve let inside-is charging the platforms with command after command to love yourself. to embrace who you are just where you are and for what you are.Continue reading “on “s e l f – e s t e e m””