You are Right Where you Need to Be

I know you feel like every other person on this earth has found their purpose, and you’re dancing on you’re own two feet to music no one else hears in a swirl of clueless emotions. You really don’t know what you’re doing here. I mean, life is a little strange isn’t it? One moment weContinue reading “You are Right Where you Need to Be”

shutting the door on distraction

notes: -if we are always available to everyone, we will eventually have nothing to give to anyone -we’re giving so much accessibility that we’re losing attention Discern the demands What is the distraction? That’s half the struggle. To figure out what it is that is distracting you and what you should focus on. Jesus wasContinue reading “shutting the door on distraction”

what economics and opportunity costs taught me about Jesus

I’m in my second semester of economics at FSU. Micro and Macro have been two of my favorite courses so far. One of the biggest concepts hammered into my head is the term ‘opportunity cost.’ My professor makes it a point to always make sure the definition is clear. “The opportunity cost is the valueContinue reading “what economics and opportunity costs taught me about Jesus”

passion 2017.

  Passion was incredible. I’ve never experienced anything like it. There’s a lot that I don’t want to forget from those few days. & so I’m writing them here so I can always go back and  read them over and over. I don’t want to come “down from the mountain” and live unchanged. Our hearts getContinue reading “passion 2017.”


I rolled over this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. So the house is quiet and no one else is up. It’s not that early, it’s just the holidays. I logged on to type some words because I couldn’t find my book. And then I saw the “daily prompt.” Retreat. Naturally, I clicked onContinue reading “Retreat”