we’ve all been given a battle

  we all just want to know we’re not the only ones who feel like professionals at being messy human beings. XI.XVI.MMXVI. 2:25 pm. Today in class I had to stand up and speak. I didn’t know it and it was unexpected. my hands were shaking, guys. They were shaking. I had no time to prepareContinue reading “we’ve all been given a battle”

rejection and failure: unlikely gifts

Rejection has come to take a negative connotation in our lives. Fear of it can paralyze us into doing nothing at all. We’ve pushed it all to the “ugly” side of things. The things we’d rather ignore and forget about. The things in life we hope to never experience. We label ourselves based on rejectionsContinue reading “rejection and failure: unlikely gifts”

if you feel out of place, here’s something

October was a crisp month that brought warm sunsets and cool mornings. The cold breeze blew the confusion out of her heart. She had never felt more free. It was as if she was liberated from the chains of confusion that had bound her for so long. Maybe it was the changing season or her changing soul, butContinue reading “if you feel out of place, here’s something”